Campaign for Equla Justice logoLegal Aid Protects & Stabilizes Families Struggling to Survive Economic Crisis and Poverty

•	One unresolved legal issue – such as consumer abuse, domestic violence, or loss of livelihood – creates a downward spiral of costly social problems that impact the whole community.In Washington, vulnerable low-income and working families face an array of problems with devastating legal consequences. Legal aid saves tax dollars by reducing homelessness, unemployment and domestic violence. Legal aid also helps our economy and community by stabilizing housing, income, and benefits for thousands of households.

Since January 2009, top requests for legal help include:

  • Bankruptcy 145%
  • Foreclosures 291%
  • Unemployment 498%
  • Public assistance 138%

Our laws guarantee basic rights and protections for all of us—not just those who can afford a lawyer. Legal aid advocates can quickly identify and resolve legal problems before situations deteriorate, damage families and communities, and needlessly burden the public safety net.

LEGAL AID Is crucial for:

  • Assisting people in our state facing unemployment, bankruptcy and foreclosure,
  • Defending the elderly and vulnerable families from predatory lending scams,
  • Protecting women and children from abuse,
  • Diverting juveniles from delinquency and other trouble, and
  • Helping a growing population of returning Iraq War veterans receive their earned benefits.
Legal Aid for Washington Fund (LAW Fund) and its Campaign for Equal   Justice the annual fund drive provides vital operating support for our state’s 26   rural and urban civil legal aid programs so they can help families in crisis   return to safe, productive lives. For more information, contact Teresa   Nelson, director of annual giving: 206.623.5261, Email