Funding for KLS comes from the Legal Foundation of Washington, other grants and individual donations.

Equal justice is a fundamental principle of democracy. Our laws guarantee basic rights and protections for all of us – not just those who can afford a lawyer. Just one bad car accident, consumer scam or job loss can create an urgent civil legal problem leaving us with nowhere to turn. Every day serious legal problems are suffered by our neighbors, our children’s classmates, our parents or their friends and others in our community with whom we interact daily. Each year, KLS and other Alliance for Equal Justice members provide and coordinate thousands of hours of free legal assistance, but we only have resources to help a fraction of those in need.

Attorneys contribute to legal aid through the Interest on Lawyer and LPO Trust Accounts program (IOLTA), the Campaign for Equal Justice and other efforts including volunteering their time and expertise.

Through your support of legal aid, thousands more low-income and vulnerable individuals and families in crisis can return to safe, productive lives in our community.

Every dollar donated translates to seven dollars of service!

Kitsap Legal Services receives partial funding from the Legal Foundation of Washington

We also receive funding from:

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