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YOU can make a difference!

YOU can get valuable experience!

You can earn CLE credit by volunteering!

We are always looking for new volunteers!

What will you give back?

You can help as an attorney, paralegal, or personal advocates (any non-legal person to help with office work, to help new people fill out applications, to help people learn the self-help resources, and other tasks). Please call 360-479-6125 or use the contact form below to find out how to help.

Did you know...

You can earn up to 24 FREE CLE credits per reporting cycle without travelling or attending expensive CLE classes?


By volunteering just two hours every three months through Kitsap Legal Services!

Volunteering has Benefits

You choose when, where, what, and how much. It’s easy. Sign up now!

A lot of changes have been made at Kitsap Legal Services over the past year to improve every aspect of the volunteer legal aid nonprofit agency. One major focus has been on making all volunteers happy with every aspect of their volunteer experience – starting with putting you in control of your volunteer commitment. There are many, many different ways you can support civil legal aid. Why not try it out? You will also earn one (1) CLE credit for each (1) hour of volunteering to help someone up to 24 credits for the reporting cycle. This is only volunteering two (2) hours every three (3) months – all attorneys can do this!

Your help makes a HUGE difference in the lives of people who would otherwise not be able to meet with an attorney. Here are a few feedback summaries from beneficiaries helped by volunteers:

  • I felt calm describing my issue to the attorney. They gave me some hope and understanding of the future steps I need to take. I am forever grateful for your time and wisdom.
  • I really felt like I was going to be taken advantage of by my ex-husband and I was lost. The attorney made me feel more confident of what I am doing and I appreciate their knowledge and advice.
  • I went from feeling scared and lost to relieved and hopeful. The attorney took the time to actually listen and gave me the help that I needed.


The Veterans’ Stand Down event was inspiring. Seeing the change in the veteran’s demeanor from when they approached the KLS table to when they walked away after talking to volunteers was very rewarding. Veterans that I spoke with, for the most part, felt helpless and had a sense of having no control over their circumstances. Being able to talk to someone at our table made them feel heard. They appreciated the handouts on landlord-tenant law and the one on the mobile home law. The younger veterans were happy to learn about online help and information. Of the veterans I spoke with, several didn’t actually need legal advice but needed someone to talk with. The veterans were upbeat and positive in spite of very trying situations. I think we all can learn from their perseverance and strength.
Karen Hallis, JD

Attorney and Organizer, Organized Change

Since entering private practice I have been in shocked to see just how many people need, deserve, and cannot afford legal presentation. The law impacts us all equally and income should not necessarily dictate the administration of justice. As a first year associate, I am gaining the legal expertise and experience to give sound, confident legal advice(with spending hours performing legal research and self education). I firmly believe in community service and using what time and abilities I have to improve the lives of those less fortunate than myself. I am honored and humbled to commit myself to serving Kitsap County as a Kitsap Legal Services board member to help lead and expand legal aid and information.
Ryan J. Jones

Attorney, Shiers Law Firm

Kitsap Legal Services(KLS) provides legal help to people needing guidance through legal matters that would not otherwise, be available to them. KLS also provides opportunities for attorneys to contribute to society in a unique way by providing an easy and effective system to provide guidance and advice to Kitsap County residents who are in the most need of basic assistance. My mission and vision for the use of legal knowledge is similar to that of the KLS. We both fully support the desire to give to our community. In volunteering through KLS I have met some wonderful people: both clients and attorneys. I am proud to volunteer through KLS with clients who would otherwise be lost in the legal system. I feel that it is my ethical duty as an attorney to share my skills and knowledge to assist those most in need.
Heather E. Forrler

Attorney at Law, Compass Legal Services, P.S.

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